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Kim Possible Ron

Kim Possible () „Kim Possible“ bei suchen (Phill Lewis) · Michael Pan, Coco Banana, 4, Königin Bonnie und König Ron. Kim Possible fällt es leichter, zusammen mit ihrem besten Freund Ron Stoppable und dessen Haustier Rufus (einem Nacktmull) die korrupten Superhirne der. Mar 31, - This Pin was discovered by Yoyo Ziltener. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Disney's Kim Possible, Staffel ‪2‬

Die Wissenschaftler vom Netzwerk für globale Gerechtigkeit (NGG) untersuchen dies und entdecken den Ron-Faktor. Kim ist schlagartig nicht mehr interessant. Wir wollten, dass Kinder sich in Kim und Ron wiederfinden können. Was Kim macht, ist ziemlich fantastisch und unglaublich, aber trotzdem muss sie sich mit. Mar 31, - This Pin was discovered by Yoyo Ziltener. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Ron steps up monkey style

Kim Possible Ron

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Kim Possible has a 'Ron' moment! By Mockbeggar Watch. Kim sighed with relief as she left Drakken's lab. We can rule out Beuno Nacho because Kim looks too fancy to be going to the fast food restaurant Ron loves so much.

Perhaps a better restaurant instead? Hopefully, Ron is not wearing his usual clothing this time around since this looks like serious business.

The possibilities of where this picture can go are endless! In fact, this picture can be a prequel of some sorts to another entry on this list.

Whenever you are done wearing your battle outfit from an intense and long fight, you would probably change immediately too. That is what it looks like from this picture of Kim.

She surely is being a tease to Ron since that smile can make his knees weak. The real question for this situation is why would she change in a room that looks like a lab?

Maybe it was to give Ron the idea that she is not afraid to take risks of changing somewhere she could be caught. The guys and some girls who swing that way would probably get the same idea too.

It is possible that this took place around early in the morning, so unless there are cameras, Kim would be okay. Ron would go crazy though.

Art by DarkDP. It might be bad if some people swimming only scream for help just to get closer to Kim, but then again, it is her job to make sure they are safe.

The look she gives is undeniably tempting since Ron is more than likely taking the picture. Hopefully, he did not get bothered from that alone, or it could be the weather from the beach.

Art by Levelord. Kim needs to do more other than work as a waitress or be a lifeguard! It is definitely a given that she is having fun washing her car with Rufus.

Perhaps this happened the next day right after the graduation party she and Ron attended after saving the world for the last time. While she and Rufus were having fun, Ron might have sneaked in a picture for… reasons.

She probably would not mind since there is nothing wrong with being in a swimsuit washing cars and getting wet in the process. Yeah, Ron would have to do his best to hide this picture so that it can be for his viewing pleasure only.

Maybe Rufus might sneak up on him and see it, but then again, he would have wanted him to do it too. It seems that Kim is a big fan of being at places where there is a lot of water!

It could be that she and Ron wanted to have a vacation in a jungle, maybe the one where Monkey Fist lived? If so, hopefully they do not encounter him or he is planning something while they are there.

After all, it is just their alone time from college, real-life problems, or anything else. Perhaps Kim wanted to make more memories with Ron, given the pose of the picture, and he would definitely want to keep the picture for himself.

It is a good thing by the time they are in college, Instagram was not a thing. However, even the bachelors would know that they stand no chance against Ron.

Set in the fictional town of Middleton, Colorado, the show's setting and locations exhibit a retro -influenced aesthetic.

With a strong emphasis on modern-day technology and the Internet , the series also explores themes such as girl power , feminism , and relationships.

It receives heavy comparisons to other female-driven action shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Alias and The Powerpuff Girls. Kim Possible is Disney Channel's second animated series, as well as the first one to be produced exclusively by Walt Disney Television Animation.

It also became the first Disney Channel animated series to be produced in high-definition. The series premiered on June 7, , and ended on September 7, , after 87 episodes and four seasons.

During its run, a pair of made-for-TV films were made: A Sitch in Time and So the Drama Merchandising based on the series, such as home media releases, toys, and video games were also made.

A live-action television film of the same name was released in but received mediocre reviews. Kim Possible received critical acclaim and became one of Disney's top-rated and most popular series.

Kim Possible takes place primarily within the town of Middleton, Colorado, USA and focuses on the life and adventures of Kim Possible , an accomplished high school student who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat.

Drakken , a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination , and his superpowered sidekick Shego , who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine's most dangerous opponent.

Attending Middleton High School alongside Ron, her best female friend Monique and rival classmate Bonnie Rockwaller , Kim lives with her family: father James , a rocket scientist, and Ann , a brain surgeon, [11] as well as her younger brothers, identical twins Jim and Tim , both of whom possess genius-level intellect.

Fully aware of their daughter's occupation, Kim's parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew , but tend to be more-so concerned about the character's performance in school, as well as her love life.

As revealed in Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time , Kim became involved in crime-fighting rather unintentionally.

Entitled "Rufus", Season 2, episode 20 features Lilo contacting Kim and Ron to help her rescue Stitch , who has been captured by Drakken and Shego in a partnership with Dr.

Hamsterviel to clone Stitch for an army of obedient monsters. Meanwhile, Jumba mistakes Rufus for one of his missing experiments.

Some episodes revolve around characters other than Kim and Ron, particularly villains, who have been provided with nearly as much back story as the heroes.

James and Ann Possible Gary Cole and Jean Smart , respectively , and her younger brothers, twin geniuses Jim and Tim Shaun Fleming , —06; Spencer Fox , , to whom she refers as "Tweebs" a portmanteau of "twin" and "dweebs" ; the twins speak their own made up language known as "Twinnish".

With her fashion and pop culture expertise, Monique bridges the worlds between Kim's high school and crime-fighting lives, [8] also serving as something of a guidance counselor.

Long-time collaborators and veteran Disney writers, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle had already been writing for Disney Channel for several years, contributing to the network's male-led animated series Aladdin , Hercules and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command , each one spin-offs of their respective feature-length animated films.

She can do anything", to which Schooley responded, "Ron Stoppable, he can't", and nearly the entire premise of Kim Possible naturally unfolded thereafter.

With its main duo finally established, Kim Possible became the easiest show Schooley and McCorkle had ever developed.

Much of Kim Possible ' s cast consists of Disney Channel and ABC alumnae, [21] [34] as well as actors known for their roles on other popular animated and comedy series.

Her confidence and her sincerity really shine through. To prepare herself for the role of Rufus, Nancy Cartwright , best known for her long-running voice work as Bart Simpson on The Simpsons , [41] researched naked mole rats extensively to the point of which she became "a font of useless trivia" and knowledge.

The creators mused, "Drakken is as funny as he is because of how funny John is. Like any of the great voiceover guys, he can do multiple voices. He also just has a terrific comedic sense ", [29] while director and animator Steve Loter described both Friedle and DiMaggio as "experts in ad-libbing.

Tahj Mowry , who plays T. Henderson on the sitcom Smart Guy , voices Wade. Serving as executive producers in addition to writers throughout the entire series, Schooley and McCorkle oversaw the show for its entire duration to maintain consistency.

Fantastic , respectively. Some of the show's plots and ideas are drawn from the lives of both creators' daughters; the decision to have Ron eventually join his school's football team was inspired by Schooley's daughter being involved in her high school band, which resulted in them attending several school football matches.

Schooley and McCorkle approached the challenge of portraying dating in a way that would appeal to both younger and older children by having the villains, particularly Shego, [42] react to news of Kim and Ron's relationship with disbelief since "Ron is painfully aware that he is the luckiest man in the world We still have the villains, and we have the comedy with the villains and their bizarre schemes and how they get foiled.

It included behind-the-scenes and production information from the perspective of the crew as well as production sketches from one of several alternative endings that had been scripted.

Creating the Kim Possible universe and environment was very much a collaborative process between Schooley and McCorkle, Disney Channel, the character designers, and the cast, who were also encouraged to contribute their own ideas.

Loter typically visualized whatever script he was provided with after they had been written. Four different animation studios animated the series: Rough Draft Korea , Starburst Animation Studios, Toon City and Hanho Heung-Up Co.

Written by musicians Cory Lerios and George Gabriel , the show's theme song " Call Me, Beep Me " also known as "Call Me, Beep Me!

The Kim Possible Song " or simply "The Kim Possible Song" [55] is performed by American recording artist Christina Milian.

It's great because people have grown with me, even with that damn song. Didn't know so many people were watching Kim Possible like that.

Because of that song, it actually inspired me to do my own musical animated artist because a lot of people thought I was Kim Possible.

Composer Adam Berry was responsible for scoring the entire series. Berry was also responsible for creating music for the first three seasons of Comedy Central 's South Park.

While the music in Kim Possible is mostly guitar-driven, Berry's scoring experience prior to the show had been exclusively orchestral, composing scores using only a keyboard.

An official Kim Possible soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records on July 1, , featuring "Call Me, Beep Me" and "Could it Be", [68] in addition to other musical contributions from the cast of Kim Possible in addition to various Disney recording artists, including Aaron Carter.

Episodes typically adhere to a simple, similar format, featuring a power-hungry villain who Kim and Ron must somehow prevent from taking over the world.

In addition to other "mainstays" of modern-day youth , technology serves an important role throughout the series, specifically the Internet and Kim's gadgets, the most significant of which is the Kimmunicator designed to help Kim communicate with Wade and grants her access to virtually any information she desires.

It's as though we get to play James Bond's ' Q ' for each episode -- the more imaginative the toy, the better. Kim is raised in a nuclear family.

Hosting a diverse cast of strong female characters while confronting gender norms and barriers , [5] [24] [77] Kim Possible explores feminist themes, [22] specifically third-wave feminism.

Title: The Ron Factor 08 Aug The top-secret organization Global Justice and its director Dr. The Worldwide Evil Empire, headed by the villain Gemini, hears about GJ's research, and kidnaps Ron for their own research.

Director takes the kidnapping personally, and she and Kim go to WEE HQ to rescue Ron. Written by Tony B All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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Company Credits. Kim Possible games are action-oriented. Players get to shoot, wrestle, and slide down the hill with head-waving speed!

For instance, in Rufus Snow Ride game , DNAmy has unleashed her genetically modified army of Cuddle Buddies, and they are after Rufus! You must help Rufus avoid all the creatures as he slides on his snowboard down the hill.

While enforcing interactive features, Kim Possible games offer players ability to take on a variety of roles!

During all this time, the crowds roar around you. Although their dating scene was considered as "in the game", she is surprised to find out Ron also plays Everlot.

Despite eventually finding out he is really a newb trying to impress her in order to take their relationship to the next level, she remains willing to hang out with him after they are hijacked and trapped in the game's virtual world.

Zita is not mentioned or seen again until two seasons later an internal-chronological gap of nearly two years in the series finale, "Graduation", where she is seen apparently dating Felix Renton.

However, the Aspen Wand of New Forest, an artifact Ron gave her player character inside Everlot is seen wielded by a warrior woman bearing no other resemblance to Zita's avatar in a computer fighting game played by Ron in "Roachie".

Minor characters in Kim's network whom she has helped during past missions. They typically play no other prominent role besides transporting Kim to her latest mission site.

As of season four, the use of rides has dwindled because Kim now has her own vehicle, but she still calls on them on occasions when it is out of service.

Baxter — In "Mind Games" he lets Kim and Ron ride two of his donkeys down into the Grand Canyon in return for Kim performing an emergency delivery for his donkey, Buttercup in the dark, in the rain, during a mudslide.

Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta. Bernice — She gives Kim a ride in "Naked Genius" for saving her town from a leaking dam.

She gives Kim another ride in "Team Impossible". She apparently has started working with jets since then. Voiced by: April Winchell. Captain Louis — Captain Louis gives Ron a ride to Dr.

Drakken's base in the episode A Very Possible Christmas. This episode reveals that Kim saved his boat from sinking, but that Ron exacerbated the trouble by busting the radio and using the navigational chart as a napkin.

Fortunately, Louis is unable to remember that Ron was the one who made the mess of things. Voiced by: John DiMaggio , who also voiced Drakken and Motor Ed.

Dallas — He gives Kim a lift to Mount Middleton in " Attack of the Killer Bebes " after aiding him during a car chase. Voiced by: Rob Paulsen. Geminini — He works for Doctor Bortle.

He gives Kim, Ron, and the tweebs a ride to Bortle's lab in "The Twin Factor". He has a twin too, but his brother is in prison. Gustavo — Gustavo gives Kim and Ron a ride in his plane in " Tick-Tick-Tick " for saving his village from a flood, which it is hinted Ron caused.

Heinrich — He gives Kim a ride in " Crush " after saving his village from an avalanche that Ron accidentally caused.

He reappears in "Team Impossible". Joe — Helicopter pilot who gives Kim and Ron a ride to the Bebe's hive island off the Gulf Coast of Florida in Queen Bebe.

Since Kim is wearing a pair of super-speed shoes during the ride, time began to move so slowly for her that we never find out what favor she carried out in exchange for this ride.

Judd — A camera man who gives Kim a ride to the Seniors' island in the episode " Oh Boyz ". Kim had rescued Judd from a rhino stampede earlier, while he was filming a program entitled "Teasing Wild Animals".

Magnifico — In "Bonding", Mr. Magnifico and his circus company give Kim a ride to a top secret research facility on their train.

This is in return for Kim acting as a substitute high-wire acrobat after the original performer twisted her ankle. Mahoney — Mrs. Mahoney gives Kim her first ride ever for a mission, as seen in " A Sitch in Time as payment for saving her cat.

Parker — In Bueno Nacho , Mr. Parker flies Kim to Wisconsin in his crop duster after she saves his business by going organic, allowing her to para-drop onto the world's largest Swiss cheese wheel.

Ricardo — In "Gorilla Fist", Ricardo gives Kim a ride to South America in his plane for saving his chicken farm from a mudslide.

Presumably, she dried up the mud with her cordless hair dryer. Unnamed Marine Colonel — He gives Kim a ride to Cambodia in a military transport plane in " Monkey Fist Strikes after she tips him off to an assault that is due to take place.

Drakken is Kim Possible's archenemy and the main antagonist. He is a blue-skinned mad-scientist and super-villain obsessed with world domination.

Of all of Kim's enemies, he and Shego are considered her arch-foes. His real name is Drew Theodore P. Lipsky and he is dearly loved by his embarrassing and oblivious mother, Mama Lipsky, though he cannot bring himself to admit the "evil villain out to conquer the world" thing to her.

When he was in college he was humiliated by his friends, one of whom was Kim's father, Dr. James Timothy Possible, over his decision to create robots gynoids for their dates rather than actually find real girls.

He ended up dropping out and becoming a villain in order to assuage his wounded ego. At some point he turned blue but all that is known about it is that "it was a Tuesday" when it happened.

Although clearly a capable scientist, able to construct hovercraft, robots, laser cannons, mind-bending devices, synthetic henchmen, doomsday weapons, and other such "evil" technologies, Drakken is totally clueless when it comes to making them work correctly and his plans are often undone by his own oversight.

For example, he makes his "perfect" Bebe Robots too perfect. They realize he is not perfect and should not command them. He positions super-laser reflectors on the moon so that they reflect the beam right back to their source, destroying the lair he has spent stolen millions on.

Even though Drakken claims to be all evil, at times he has shown his good side and even helped Kim save the world.

Even though he frequently encounters Kim and Ron, he can never remember Ron's name. In "The Twin Factor," he does remember which makes Ron happy, and Ron forces him to remember it at the end of "So the Drama".

He is always extremely surprised to see Kim show up, even though he is unsure exactly why. In "Graduation" he comes up with a plan that finally works; however, this plan is to save the world rather than to take it over.

He plays a major role in defeating the Lorwardians, receiving a UN medal for it. It is implied he reformed, having finally obtained the recognition and respect he long sought, but the series ends before it can be confirmed.

As per confirmation from show director Steve Loter, Drakken and Shego begin a romantic relationship after the series finale, Graduation. Shego is Dr.

Drakken's sidekick and is by far Kim's most dangerous enemy. She is wanted in several countries; eleven, as noted by Wade during the first episode.

She wears a green-and-black catsuit with one onyx-colored and one green glove. She is highly skilled in martial arts and is so stealthy, Drakken accuses her of being sneakier and quieter than ninjas.

He later says she is one however that boastful statement is lost in the "A Sitch in Time" reset , although Shego herself never claims to be one.

Ron nurses a slight attraction to her at first sight, but quickly gets over it after seeing how dangerous she is.

On many levels, Shego also serves as a foil personality to Kim, even Drakken notes their similarities. Shego used to be a superheroine alongside her brothers as part of Team Go.

All of them were hit by a mysterious rainbow "comet" when they were younger which instilled in each a color-coded glowing superpower ; Shego's is green.

The properties of her power are never fully defined but have been seen to stun, burn, melt, cut through the strongest metals including alien constructions , and can deliver concussive force.

Normally Shego expresses her glow enshrouding her hands and fingers, but she can also range it as a beam distance unknown , as well as concentrate and toss it like a ball of chi or ball lightning.

Despite the properties of her ability, Shego has a tendency to drop or dial it back during key moments of close quarter combat with Kim which would otherwise injure the girl.

However, after heavy usage Shego will begin to tire. According to her brother Hego, Shego left their group because the more evil they fought, the more Shego liked the evil and became a villainess.

According to Shego, she quit because her brothers were intolerably annoying, a claim that even Hego would later imply to be true, since Shego was responsible for keeping the team focused back then.

In the episode "A Sitch in Time" Shego's older self is shown wearing different clothing than her present self.

In the PS2 game What's the Switch? Most of Shego and Kim's confrontations lead to hand-to-hand combat. She constantly taunts Kim about her lack of fashion sense or whatever else she can think of.

She also taunts Kim about her youth, addressing her by childish nicknames such as "Kimmie", "Princess", "Cupcake", and "Pumpkin". Shego has a degree in child development, revealed in "Stop Team Go" when she is a substitute teacher for Kim and Ron's class, having been temporarily turned good.

During that time, she and Kim actually end up becoming friends. Even though they are sworn enemies, Shego seems to occasionally care about Kim.

When Drakken teams up with the alien Warmonga, Shego saves Kim's life by stopping Warmonga from harming her, and eventually contacts Kim's brothers through the Kimmunicator for help.

In the series finale, Shego teams up with Kim Kim says "See, you do care. Although it is hinted in that same episode, during the medal award ceremony, that she and Drakken became romantically involved, she is not at his table during the final closing credits.

It is also implied she is going straight, but that too could not be confirmed as the series ended. Initially, Shego was meant to be Dr.

Drakken's sidekick, designed with green and black - colors the creators considered to be known as "bad colors". This prevailed throughout the series as her trademark.

The characters' voice actors had already worked together in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Lord Monty Fiske is a British nobleman, world-famous explorer, and archaeologist, who became obsessed with monkeys - or rather, with becoming the Monkey King.

After training to become a master of Tai Shing Pek Kwar which teaches two distinct and otherwise unrelated kung fu styles, that of Pek Kwar , or "Ax Hand", and Tai Shing , "Monkey"; literally: "Monkey Fist" , [24] he then proceeds to spend his family fortune on radical genetic procedures and experimental surgeries to replace his hands and feet with those of a monkey.

In the season two episode "Partners", it is revealed the procedures were performed by DNAmy, who developed a crush on Fist, whether this was before or after the procedures is left unsaid.

Kim first meets him when he calls her to Cambodia to retrieve a jade monkey idol from a tomb full of traps and unknowingly completes a set of four such mystical idols in his possession.

He then uses them to expose himself to Mystical Monkey Power and styles himself as Monkey Fist a spoonerism of "Mon t y Fis ke ".

Unlike the other villains, he considers Ron Stoppable a worthy opponent rather than a clownish sidekick.

He considers Ron and Rufus as the only others, besides himself, exposed to Mystical Monkey Power. Although Ron considers Monkey Fist his arch-foe, in "Gorilla Fist" Fiske refutes him as at best an arch-bungler.

Ron once comments that he is the only one of their regular foes who regularly remembers his name, which he appreciates. He also is the most confrontational of the villains, showing a willingness to battle them directly as opposed to the death traps Drakken and others employ.

Aside from his martial arts skills, greatly enhanced by the increased agility granted by his simian hands and feet, Monkey Fist commands an army of trained monkey ninjas.

He is obsessed with increasing his power through various mystical artifacts and prophecies, and becoming a Monkey King. He only once directly fights Ron, who won while three of Fiske's "hands" and his mouth were filled with jade idols, leaving himself open to a dropkick.

Every other encounter after this sees Ron either dealing with the monkey ninjas or running away. Kim, however, manages to fight him to stand-stills.

In "Oh No, Yono" Fiske is defeated in his attempt to kidnap Ron's adopted sister Hana, and he turns to stone in fulfillment of a mystical contract to "walk the Path of the Yono".

As of the finale episode, "Graduation" and its closing credits , he is still petrified. The self-proclaimed "World's Deadliest Golfer", he was banned from every golf course in the world, even miniature golf, for excessive displays of temper.

His weapons are his golf clubs and exploding golf balls. He speaks with a Scottish accent, and wears traditional Scottish attire such as a kilt and tam o' shanter.

Although he debuted as an independent villain, subsequent appearances show him as more of a mercenary-style individual, committing robberies to sell the stolen objects to others without any real plan for them himself.

Killigan makes his home on a private island, dubbed "Killigan's Island" by Ron undoubtedly a reference to the Gilligan's Island television series.

He teams up with Drakken on several occasions when they have a common goal, as well as Monkey Fist at one point in A Sitch in Time Although since that timeline was erased, as far as anyone is concerned, that particular partnership never happened.

Killigan faces off with Kim on a number of occasions, first when she and Will Du of Global Justice join forces to stop him from turning the entire planet into his own personal golf course.

During A Sitch in Time , he joins the other allied villains in traveling to the past in an effort to prevent their future defeats at Kim's hands, though they fail on each occasion.

In the dystopic future ruled over by Shego in the film, Killigan becomes Robo-Duff: the World's Deadliest Golfing Cyborg, left with no visible parts of his body remaining except for his head in a wheeled exo-suit that enables him to produce exploding golf balls that he hits at his enemies.

In "Grande Size Me", Duff is among the villains who appear at the HenchCo auction, and express actual concern for Ron upon noticing the sidekick's dramatic weight gain.

Later, in "Graduation," Duff is initially suspected of vandalizing various country clubs and golf courses around the world.

However, Kim and Ron discover that Duff's island has likewise been marred by a large symbol, which is later revealed to be a Lorwardian emblem foreshadowing their invasion.

While Kim investigates, Duff questions Ron about their relationship, exacerbating Ron's growing insecurity over his imminent graduation from high school.

Senior is a retired Spanish multi-billionaire who takes up villainy as a hobby to occupy his retirement years. Due to his level of cunning, he is Kim's nemesis more than he is considered Ron's.

However, of all the villains, Ron likes Senior the most, or at least hates him the least , because he is one of the few who remembers his name on a regular basis.

Being initially harmless, he is not truly evil so much as he is taking up a hobby after being inspired by some careless suggestions and comments by Ron.

He is often seen reading and referencing The Book of Evil guidebook. He has set the goal of gaining control of Europe at the very least.

He was an action sports icon in his youth, and has shown that he is quite skilled, and very spry for his advanced age. He can pilot helicopters, speedboats, and Jet skis with ease, and although frequently seen with a walking stick, can perform complex acrobatics and maneuvers while running and skydiving.

Senior Sr. He has demonstrated a soft side on various occasions. He once has a brief crush on Kim Possible because of the zodiac-like principles of Animology.

He expresses a desire to be a boy-band singer [27] and has been tutored in villainy by Shego. There are also times when he is seen as cunning and clever, such as when he pretends to turn his father into the police.

Because of his general buffoonery, and the fact that he mainly fights Ron, he is considered Ron's nemesis more than he is considered Kim's.

However, like his father, he remembers Ron's name fairly consistently, prompting Ron to like him more than most of the other villains or just hate him less.

He begins dating Kim's classmate, Bonnie Rockwaller, early in the final season and is still dating her by the end of the series.

A German mad scientist. While he is a threat to Kim and the world, he seems more determined to show up his rival, Dr. He tries to get the suit in the episodes "Ill-Suited" and "Larry's Birthday".

In "Larry's Birthday" he has a sister named Hildegard who is married to one of his henchmen who is named Myron. In a shared dream, Dementor's family name was "Demenz".

It is unclear if that holds true in their "waking" continuity. A single-episode villain, Adrena Lynn is a TV teen action star who specializes in "extreme" death-defying stunts.

Kim Possible Ron For example, he makes his "perfect" Bebe Robots too perfect. Archived from the Pll Auf Netflix on December 2, He knocks out Shego and bats Ron out of the way Feast Film into Kim, knocking her unconscious. The evil head of WEE the Worldwide Evil EmpireGemini has dedicated his existence to the extermination of the espionage group, Nala Bedeutung Justice GJ. Retrieved November 24, Retrieved December 3, Voiced by: April Winchell. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle. Kim recovers the plans for a Lucifer Staffel 2 Wie Viele Folgen tick which Drakken has stolen from him in " Tick-Tick-Tick ". Voiced by Fred Willard. Jacques von Hämsterviel. Archived from the original on June 18, It is unknown if his control of his Mystical Monkey Powers remains or returns Fractured Lands how it was. McHenry, who, in need of aid, tries Kim Possible Ron summon them on their website www. The success of Kim Possible spawned two animated—as well as a live action— television films based on the series, becoming the first animated series to be adapted into a Disney Channel Original Movie. Retrieved November 19, If so, hopefully they do not encounter him or he is David Fitz something while they are there. Roachie saves Ron from being stepped on by another giant cockroach and eventually helps turn the giant Auswandern Usa against Chester Yapsby.
Kim Possible Ron

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Kim Possible Ron The show centers around teenage crime-fighter Kim Possible and her faithful sidekick (and later boyfriend since Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama and throughout Season 4), Ron Stoppable. Ron owns a pet naked mole rat named Rufus, who proves an excellent aide to Ron and Kim in their many battles versus Dr. Drakken and various other foes. Kim Possible takes place primarily within the town of Middleton, Colorado, USA and focuses on the life and adventures of Kim Possible, an accomplished high school student who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable and Rufus, his pet naked mole rat. Disney's Kim Possible Ron Stoppable- McDonald's Happy Meal Toy #5. $ Free shipping. Action Kim w/ Wings 4" McDonald's Action Figure #4 Disney Kim Possible NEW. Voiced By: Christy Carlson Romano and Dakota Fanning (Pre-school Kim; Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time) Portrayed By: Sadie Stanley Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible is a teenage girl who fights crime and saves the world on a regular basis while dealing with the normal challenges of being a teenager, such as winning cheer competitions, turning in her homework on time, and maintaining a love life. Kim and the rest of the Possible family have Christmas traditions they do every year, after Ron's tradition is ruined and when he receives a very thoughtful gift from Kim, he decides to go on a mission that pops up, he decides to go by himself to let Kim enjoy time with her family, which he thinks will be the perfect gift for Kim. Ronald „Ron“ Stoppable ist ein Schüler der Middleton High und bester Freund von Kim Possible. Sein. Rufus ist ein Nacktmull der von Ron Stoppable als Haustier gehalten wird. Ron kaufte Rufus im. Kim Possible handelt von einem gleichnamigen Mädchen, das zusammen mit ihren Freunden Ron Stoppable und Wade Load. ~Dino-master requested me to do a commission for his bday: sister-going-to-be Jen Stoppable and pregnant Kim. Well here it is. Have a blast bday party. Happy​. "Virtu-Ron" is thethirtieth episodeofKim Possible. 1 Synopsis 2 Trivia General Continuity 3 Home video releases 4 Gallery The MMORPG world of Everlot is under the iron grip of a figure known only as the Wraithmaster. To impress Zita, Ron plays and excels with the expert advice of Wade. When he and Zita become trapped inside the game, however, he crosses paths with . Kim Possible and Ron might be an iconic couple now, but Ron had better keep his girl locked down after seeing photos like this. By Marianne Penn Feb 13, Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. Call her or beep her if you want to reach her! Kim Possible is an amazing role model who can do anything! This Disney Channel cartoon gave us an. Kim Possible has a 'Ron' moment! By Mockbeggar Watch. Favourites. 58 Comments. 6K Views there was to be a version on the show when Kim possible used a spear gun then the sound of fabric ripping as her cargo pants were ripped from her body when she now wonders of a draft below her waist when she now wonders of a crowd on hand when. Die Boyband 'Oh Boyz' ist bei Kim und Schleudergang Freundinnen super angesagt. Facebook Profil Inhalt Nicht Verfügbar kann den alten Herrn überwältigen. Es gelingt Kim aufzuklären, dass das Exponat nicht von ihrer Ahnin geklaut wurde.


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